Final 2040 War Rankings

  1. Marc Vose 5 years ago

    Wouldn’t be surprised if that 23 Offensive WAR wasn’t a record for Hong Kong. We typically have pretty weak offenses.

  2. Marc Vose 5 years ago

    Aha cool. Forgot how good my offenses were a couple of other times. Looking at my team, it seems there are inflection points at around 25 total WAR where you can expect to be .500. 35+ WAR appears to be “very good team” territory.

  3. what do the color codes mean here? forgive my blind ignorance.

  4. Author
    Morris Ragland 5 years ago

    The colors correspond to different tiers in the hierarchy.
    Blue for first tier (USA).
    Yellow for second tier (CUB)(JPN).
    Orange for third tier (DOM)(KOR).
    No color for fourth tier (CAN)(VEN).

  5. Xi'an Kylin 5 years ago

    hope that we can repeat that rank!

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