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We have come along way since being left for dead just a few short months ago. I am very pleased with our selection of the new Board of Directors, the results of our recruiting initiative, all of you that decided to stay and mostly, for our new design! It is officially time to permanently put to rest the brief negative period the WBH experienced and remember only the tradition and storied past that the league represents. We have emerged stronger and more composed and I thank all of the constituents of the WBH for that. My goal in this announcement is to briefly explain issues currently being discussed by the BoD, custom reports & updates, and the WBH dedication award.

I think it is important for all of the members of the WBH to know what is going on in the Board of Directors. Currently, the Hierarchy of Champions has been approved (refer to the headquarters for that announcement). We have passed a change to the tie-breaker for relegation. It has been changed to Head-to-Head, Run differential (Runs scored-runs allowed), division record, difference from pyt. record, pyt. record, and coinflip. These changes have been made on the rules page (which is completely updated). We are also amidst discussions of the Rule 5 Draft. An announcement regarding the Rule 5 should be coming in the next few weeks. If there are any issues that you believe need to be brought to the attention of the sitting Board of Directors, please notify your Owners Representative, Paul Hetrick. He will then relay the issue to us. I want everyone to take part in molding the future of the WBH.

The custom reports of the WBH are very unique and give different snapshots of the league as a whole. Unfortunately, those who designed these custom reports did not do so in a user friendly manner. The reports take a ridiculous amount of time to update. Therefore, moving forward, we are moving most of these reports to excel spreadsheets. You will be able to download or view them from the link provided on the website. This eases the manipulation of the data to decrease total amount of time updating the reports each year. We may also do this with the owners page, as it becomes hendersome to continuously shift owners to different divisions each year. The spreadsheets will be docrative and look very nice. The reports that are about to be moved to spreadsheet form are the hierarchy rankings, fan loyalty ratings, owners and career + single season leader boards.

The HTML reports have been updated for all leagues and include complete minor league reports. Sorry for the delay, but the file was being a pain! The rules have been updated as have everyone’s forum names (if promoted/relegated). I will announce the recruiting challenge winner tonight while running the sim.

To conclude, I have heard through the grapevine that I have been awarded the Dedication Award. While not officially posted, it is a great honor and I thank all of you who voted for me, it means alot. With that being said, I think it would be selfish of me to accept this honor without thanking the people that made the resurrection of the WBH possible. Many people have had a hand in completing this monstrous task. Please thank Marc Vose , who is responsible for creating this unbelievable new website and has spent a great deal of time doing so. While I have spent a large amount of time on league functions, I simply cannot stress how important the new look is to the WBH moving forward. Please thank Frank Blanco, who has taken WBH history to a completely new level, Gerry Geurts, who was behind most of the 2015 sims, Cole Hobson, who has dedicated much of his time to projects I have assigned him, Jason Ting, who was responsible for the election of the new BoD, Matt Lovell, who did a great job with the 2015 awards, David Wen, who has been an integral part of WBH recruiting for many seasons, the new BoD, whose immediate leadership has been very helpful, and FINALLY, all of those WBH general managers who decided to stick with us through this transition. In the end, the members make this league. Thank you all!

I don’t know about all of you, but I am very excited for the onset of 2016. Good luck to all teams as you begin the quest for a league championship! It is time to start a new chapter to the WBH and I hope everyone is excited to be a part of the best OOTP community on the web AT one of its most finest moments.

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  1. Bobby 11 years ago

    Congrats on the Dedication Award – Thank you for all the hard work – and especially thanks for keeping everyone in the loop with everything.

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