The Ever-Elusive No-No

Consider the following list of men:
Yo Terada
Aquilino “The Rat” Lobez
Luis Cardenas
Keishi Aoki
Jerry Bath
Juan “Ducky” Colinas
Chin “Missing Link” Chong
Jaime Costa
Fuquan Su
Alfredo Coronilla

Now, contemplate what they have in common. The answer is simple really, this list of men is a small sample of men fortunate enough in their careers to do the unthinkable. These men, at one point in their careers, pitched no-hitters.

The no-hitter is one of the rarest of achievements in baseball, only slightly more common than the perfect game. In fact, in 10 years of WBH history, there have been a total of 28 no-no’s and only one pitcher has been fortunate enough to accomplish this feat twice, Hector “Bonkers” Queme.

More interesting breakdowns of this phenomenon include:

  • The United States leads the way with 8 of 28 no-hitters.
  • Four leagues, Venezuela, Canada, Panama, and Mexico are still searching for their first.
  • Four franchises have accomplished this feat twice or more, Detroit (who amazingly had both no-hitters in the same month!), Mao (who is one of two teams to throw no-hitters in two separate leagues), Mariel, and Baracoa (who leads all franchises with three no-hitters, all in separate leagues).
  • The first no-hitter in league history was thrown by Aquilino Lobez of the Toledo Mudhens, on July 27th, 2007. He retired 10 via strikeout and only walked one man.
  • The most recent no-hitter in league history was thrown by Seokheung Yi of the Samsung Lions of Suwon on August 6th, 2015. He retired 12 via strikeout and only walked two.

In 2015, there were five no-hitters thrown around the hierarchy. A considerably large amount considering that the average over the 10-year span has be close to three. However, with respect to this, we really have to treat 2015, much like 2013 (a season where a standing record six no-hitters were thrown), as an off-year.

I invite your comments, questions, and suggestions for future blog entries.

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  1. Bobby 11 years ago

    I think its worth noting that Juan Colinas pitched his no-no in his first ML start – pretty impressive debut if you ask me.

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